Here are some of the things that are going on for Students in St Mike’s…

The Living Room

Every Sunday evening after the 6pm service students chill out at the Living Room with Hot Chocolate, pool and the occasional special guest.

Student Homegroup

Homegroups are a great way to get deeper into the Bible and get to know each other better. Groups run on Tuesday night but if you can’t do Tuesday’s fear not, another group can be found where you can attend weekly.

Weekend Away

Each year we have a student weekend away, this year is no different. Keep your eyes peeled for more info.

Summer mission

Annually we head off to somewhere in Wales for a week to support a local community. Often involving gardening projects, school work, painting and one off community events. Again, keep your eyes peeled for more info throughout the year.

1-1 Bible Studies

If you would like some extra support and a chance to talk things over and see what the Bible has to say, or just to study the Bible in some more depth then this can be easily arranged.  Ben and Bethan are around at the end of the services, so just grab one of them and make a date or email or