Values and Aspirations

Every congregation has already got a set of values even though they are not printed out on paper.  That culture is an expression of the combination of personalities, gifts and attitudes of all of the members put together.  It is within our power to mould those values for the honour of the Lord and for the good of all.

Here is a suggested list of values that we have already espoused to some degree.

A culture of love
“See how those Christians love one another” was the great statement made by the pagans about the early Christians.  God grant that that statement may be made about us in our generation.

A culture of patience
We belong to a church with many frayed edges.  None of us would have got to the level of spiritual maturity we have currently reached without the support, understanding, forgiveness and patience of others.  Those same qualities towards others are the ones we wish to live out.

A culture of lateral vision
Most of us see more than we are willing to admit.  Our eyes need to be open to express love each time that we meet by going out of our comfort zone to greet and welcome the visitor, and to give support to those who are in need, whether they are in our group or not.

A culture of preparation
We come prepared for the service and are warm and ready at the outset of worship rather than waiting for the service itself to warm us up.

A culture of participation
When we meet together each member of the congregation intentionally and vocally contributes to the worship and the liturgy.

A culture of meeting together
The Lord’s Day means what it says, so we wish to encourage each other to set the day aside for the Lord, so that each member will endeavour to be present both morning and evening (depending on our personal circumstances).

A culture of a personal devotional life
All our members are encouraged to spend time with the Lord daily.  This would include time in personal prayer and reading of the Bible.

A prayerful culture
“A church on its knees is irresistible to God.” (Evan Roberts) We are committed to praying for the life of the church in our own devotional times, during the weekly prayer meetings, and corporately on a Sunday.

A culture of small groups
All the life of the church is now being intentionally lived in a team/small group setting.  We are discouraging anyone from serving or participating in the life of the church all on their own.  Every member is encouraged to belong to the small group life of the church.

A visionary culture
A congregation committed to pursuing the same vision is formidable.  ‘Recovering his reputation’ is our vision, and growth in spiritual maturity and in the size of the congregation is the means by which this vision will be achieved.

A serving culture
With everyone recognising that they are gifted, committed to discovering what those gifts are and to releasing them for the benefit of the whole church.

An emphasis on evangelism
Recognising that evangelism is the gift of a few, but that the whole church can be mobilised to engage in evangelism by invitation of non-Christian friends and through prayer and support of evangelistic initiatives.

A discipling culture
Being willing for the mature Christians to mentor the newer Christians and for all to commit themselves to the pathway of discipleship and spiritual accountability with a determination to live the Bible rather than simply to read it or understand it.

A culture of financial stewardship
Accepting the Biblical norm of giving a tithe to the Lord’s work in St Michael’s and additional ‘freewill offerings’ when there are special appeals.

A family culture
Where we intentionally embrace the children and young people and create a family emphasis, and where there is a place for all.

A culture of hospitality
‘Food with everything’ has a good Biblical precedent.  We aim to become a fellowship where the use of our homes for the building of relationships becomes more prevalent.