What we believe

First and foremost we are disciples of Jesus Christ.  We seek to model our thinking and behaviour on his teachings and declare him as Lord in all things.

Some Christians like to pigeonhole other Christians and their theological positions either so that we can reject them and pass on to people who are more like we are, or so that we can feel secure in the company of people who speak the same language as ourselves: at St. Michael’s this is something we try our hardest to avoid. It is quite rare that any one person is entirely consistent even within the theological position they would choose for themselves. However, the leadership of St. Michael’s Church is totally committed to preaching, teaching, and, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, attempting to live the Bible and its commands. In that sense we are an Evangelical Church which also seeks to live by the empowering of the Holy Spirit. So we are both Evangelical and Charismatic.

Having said that, our membership ranges from people from a strongly Reformed background, to former Roman Catholics, to classic Pentecostals and life time Anglicans, as well as many brand new believers who have no denominational affiliation and simply want to be called ‘Christians’.

We are part of the Anglican Church in Wales and are in the Diocese of St. David’s under the leadership of Bishop Wyn. [Church in Wales: http://www.churchinwales.org.uk and St David’s Cathedral: “http://www.stdavidscathedral.org.uk“].

As a church we are members of the Evangelical Alliance [http://www.eauk.org] which unites Evangelical Christians throughout the whole of the UK, and also we belong to the Evangelical Fellowship in the Church in Wales. This is an organisation which has existed for some 40 years and attempts to link together people of an Evangelical persuasion across the whole principality of Wales, both lay and ordained [http://www.efcw.org.uk].

Some of us also belong to the New Wine network which expresses our commitment to a charismatic expression of faith. We attempt to be open to the influence and empowering of the Holy Spirit and encourage the use of the gifts of the Spirit in our individual devotional lives, in a home group setting and also in our Sunday services.