Mones Says

Dear all

Lent is well on the way; a time of joy and gladness, as well as one of reflection. On the 1st of March we celebrated Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, with a communion service and a period of reflection on our frailty and weakness. We surrendered who we are and all that we were created to be into the hands, mercy, love and goodness of God.

I am sure it has not surpassed you that the 1st of March is also St David’s day, which is a day of celebration in Wales. And so, celebration and reflection intertwined. All around Wales there were organised prayer gatherings, which linked up together via Skype, to pray for Wales and for a fresh move of God in our communities. In our area, this prayer meeting was held at St Anne’s and was attended by members of different congregations from in and around Aberystwyth.

Celebration, reflection and prayer; what better way to begin the forty days of Lent? I do hope that you are engaging with Lent creatively and purposefully. Over the years I have found that by purposefully and joyfully engaging with the Lent season, there has been a deepening in my spiritual life and a rise in my spiritual temperature, passion and desire for God. By fasting, taking on new spiritual disciplines, new acts of love and kindness and by decidedly giving up negative patterns in my life, achieving my full potential during Lent is not a chore, but a joy. I wonder, if you haven’t done so already, whether you will give it a go in the future.

Lent can be practiced in so many different ways. Let me mention a few of the many ways Lent can be practiced today:

  • Skip a meal and use it for prayer.
  • Give up a behavioural pattern; the internet, Facebook, juicy gossip, etc.
  • Take on a spiritual book to deepen your spiritual walk.
  • Give up delicacies as a sign of sharing with the limited provisions in the lives of others.
  • Commit to doing an act of kindness each day.
  • Join a new ministry for the duration of Lent.
  • Join a house group for Lent.
  • Do a longer fast.

If you are attracted to or challenged by any of the above, but don’t know where to start, why don’t you have a chat with me and let us see if we can work on it together?

Happy glorious Lent!