What’s on this week

Monday 27 March
12.00pm: Staff meeting and prayer.

Tuesday 28 March
1.15pm: Parents and Toddlers.
4.00pm: The Group (Youth).
7.15pm: Freedom in Christ.

Wednesday 29 March
7.45am: Prayer Meeting and breakfast in Church.
10.30am: Holy Communion.
2.30-6pm: Worship Session in Church.
4.00pm: The Lab.
7.00pm: Ignite.
7.30pm: ‘Voices from Syria: Hope amidst despair’ in Church.

Thursday 30 March
12.30pm: Mature Munch.

Friday 31 March
7.30pm: Prayer Meeting in church.
10.30pm: Nightlight (Please remember to pray for the team).

Saturday 1 April
10.30am: Healing on the Streets. (Please remember to pray for the team).

Sunday 2 April
11.00am: Holy Communion with the theme of ‘Cherish the truth’.
6.00pm: Evening Worship with Mones Farah speaking on ‘El Elion’.

Future Events


29.03.17: ‘Voices from Syria: Hope amidst despair?’

03.04.17: St Michael’s Review and Preview at 7pm.
10.04.17-14.04.17: Holy Week, services led by The Rev Ian Girling.
14.04.17: Good Friday (day of prayer, fasting and half night of worship).
15.04.17: Easter Egg Hunt Party, 2-4pm.
16.04.17: Easter Sunday.
24.04.17: Parish Review and Preview in St Mair at 7pm.
30.04.17: In His Steps Faith Tour to Israel.