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In St Michael’s Church we run the Alpha course usually twice a year.

For more information call 01970 617184.

The Alpha course is designed primarily for people who aren’t churchgoers and each course is open to everyone who would like to attend. As a course, Alpha attracts a diverse range of guests of different ages and backgrounds, holding many different viewpoints. Over 7,000 churches are currently running the Alpha course across the UK in rural and urban settings, including every major UK city.

Guests do Alpha for a wide variety of reasons – some want to investigate whether God exists; others are concerned about what happens after death. Some people have particular questions that they would like to discuss; others want to understand other people’s beliefs or would like to explore what the purpose of life is. Many guests have never been to church, others may have attended church occasionally but feel they have never really understood the basics of the Christian faith.

We try to make it as “user friendly” as possible. This is done in 3 ways:

  1. The evening is informal starting with a light meal then people listen to a talk. Then there is time to mix with others in small groups to discuss the talk and ask the questions important to you. You will be discussing things important to you; you will not be lectured at.
  2. Everyone is free to try the course and leave it if they feel it is not for them. They are not pursued or followed up.
  3. There is no charge for the course, apart from a weekend away which is held half way through the course for all participants. If finance was an impediment for someone joining the weekend away we would try and find some way of helping. The weekend away is a helpful part of the course that gives people a chance to pause and reflect.

Millions of people worldwide have found the Alpha course an incredible life changing experience that has helped to answer those important questions of life. It has also impacted the lives of many who worship at this church. If you would like more information or the date of the next course, contact the church.

The Alpha course was developed at Holy Trinity Church, Brompton Road, London. Further information about it is available at

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