Welcome to Holiday Heroes. Holiday Heroes is a series of summer activities aimed at children aged 11 and under.

What to expect...

Each week we're going to provide some activities for you to do with your children, and videos for them to watch, which will include all the things they're familiar with from a Holiday Club - games, craft, Bible story, even a leaders challenge or two. Come explore the stories of some of the Bible heroes together with Pole, Hannah and Friends.

Each Sunday we'll go live at 5pm to remind you of what is happening in the coming week, and to announce winners and things like that.

Special events

In addition, we have some special events planned, one-off things, which will be conducted through Zoom:

Scavenger Hunt

Family Quiz

Weekly events

A week will look like as follows, and if there are any changes we'll notify you through this page.


5pm: Live, what's coming up, what you might need for crafts and games in the coming week, and give you a challenge for the week.


10.30am: Holiday Club conducted through YouTube

12 noon - 2pm: Hunt the leader in Aberystwyth. Please abide by social distancing regulations.


7pm: Bedtime story on Facebook Live. Book announced before event.

Please read

Every effort will be made to keep you and your children safe online. We do not encourage children to have social media accounts due to the age limits. All contact must be done through parents or guardians. Parents or guardians must be present whilst their children are engaging with these events. Leaders will not contact your children. Any questions can be directed to Hannah Bunting (hannah@stmikes.net) or office@stmikes.net.

We abide by the Church in Wales safeguarding policy.